How To Get Rid Of Mould

05 Jan 2019

Mould can become a big problem in your home. If not controlled, it can grow on any surface where there are moisture and nutrients available. As a fungus, mould tends to release spores in the air that can cause allergic reactions and breathing complications.

Getting rid of mould requires a careful process that involves keeping your surfaces clean and dry.

How to get rid of mould

1. Minimise moisture in the home

Mould infestations in the home typically start with a layer of mildew. Mildew is the thin and slimy substance you may notice in corners of your bathroom. Controlling the growth of mildew is an excellent first step towards getting rid of mould.

Make sure your kitchen and bathroom surfaces are always dry after every use. If you have any cracks or crevices in walls and floors, make sure they’re sealed to prevent the growth of mould.

2. Use proper cleaning agents

If you’re looking for another way to kill mould, you can also use proper cleaning agents. Bleach is effective at killing mould and disinfecting surfaces.

Vinegar is a safer alternative to bleach when you’re looking into how to remove mould. Ammonia and baking soda can also be used to disinfect mould-ridden surfaces.

3. Watch for leaking pipes in the home

Leaks within walls and subfloors are also a leading cause of mould growth. You can remove mould from these areas by ensuring you don’t have any leaking pipes. If necessary, have a contractor inspect your floors and walls to remove any existing mould growth.

4. Hire a professional service

If you have a heavy mould infestation, it may be best to hire professionals for the job. Professionals know how to remove mould in large amounts, using safe and effective techniques.

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