How to maintain your carpets

04 Apr 2019

Most homeowners know the most effective way to keep your carpets looking and feeling great is to have them professionally cleaned at least once a year. The Maid in Sydney team specialises in carpet cleaning all throughout Sydney.

But, how can you maintain your carpet’s lustre and shine in between professional cleanings? Follow these simple tips, and your carpet will look better than new.



We know that vacuuming is not a chore you look forward to. But, by vacuuming regularly, you can prevent dust build-up and keep your carpet looking good for months on end. If you put vacuuming off, allergens can reach deep inside carpet fibres, making it very difficult to clean.


Don’t walk on wet carpet

After your carpet has been professionally cleaned, you want to keep it that way. To keep your carpet looking fantastic, avoid walking on the surface until it has thoroughly dried.

While professional carpet cleaning involves steam cleaning, it can still take considerable time for the carpet to dry. If you walk on the carpet while it is still wet, you can re-soil the surface.


Take off your shoes

If you walk across your freshly cleaned carpet wearing shoes, you will simply re-soil the carpet with dirt and dust particles. Dirt and dust will be pushed even further into the carpet fibres even if your shoes are spotless.

To keep your carpet free from dust and dirt, wear a freshly washed pair of socks. And, to ensure your carpet stays tidy for as long as possible, enforce a “no-shoe” policy in between cleanings.


Prevent pet stains

If you have pets, it can be quite difficult to keep your carpet spotless. To keep your carpet looking good, remove any pet stains as soon as you see them.

If your cat or dog is shedding hair, vacuuming twice a week is also helpful. And, to prevent your pets tearing up your carpet, keep their claws short.


Clean spills straight away

To maintain your carpet’s tidy, shining appearance in between cleanings, make a habit of removing stains right away. If something is spilt, for example, remove the stain before it has a chance to set into the carpet fibres.

Whether it’s a wine stain, a pet’s accident or spilled food, lightly dab the stain with a damp cloth for the best results.


For professional carpet cleaning or other house cleaning services within Sydney, contact our friendly team today.

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