How To Clean Your Oven

05 Feb 2019

If you use your oven on a regular basis, you’ll be surprised to find out how heavily soiled it can become. Food particles, cleaning agents, and other foreign materials can accumulate inside the oven and form stubborn stains.

Properly cleaning your oven is not only important for performance, it’s also important for hygiene. Maid in Sydney offer expert oven cleaning services at affordable prices. If you’re ready to tackle this troublesome appliance yourself, here’s how to clean your oven thoroughly and effectively.

The baking soda technique

Baking soda is effective at removing those thick, crusty stains from your oven. Start off by removing all racks and dishes from the inside of the oven. Next, mix half a cup of baking soda with a little water. When you obtain an even paste, spread it over the interior of the oven (avoid placing it on the heating elements). Once applied, let it sit overnight. It will likely turn brown, which is normal.

The next day, sprinkle vinegar gently over the baking soda layer. You will notice some fizzling, after which you can scrub the debris from the oven’s interior. For stubborn stains, add another layer of vinegar and scrub gently. You will notice that the baking soda-vinegar combination is effective at removing multiple stains from your oven.

Using lemon

Lemon juice is another effective cleaning agent for ovens. If you’re looking into how to clean oven doors and walls effectively, lemon is certainly a useful alternative. Cut a few lemons in half and squeeze the juice out of them.

Add about 1/3 water into the cup and place the mixture in your oven for about half an hour (a temperature of 250 degrees C is best to use). The lemon vapours will slowly bind to the grime and loosen tough stains. You should be able to simply wipe off these stains after the baking process

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