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We provide a bespoke housekeeping and cleaning service tailored to your needs and priorities.

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      Let’s face it, keeping the home clean and tidy on a regular basis can be very time-consuming.

      After a hard day at work, the last thing you would want is to deal with a sink full of dishes, baskets of laundry or a dirty bathroom. If household chores are consuming your free time, we are here to help. Maid in Sydney is a professional and experienced housekeeping provider that offers a wide range of cleaning and housekeeping services for your home.

      We work with many residents of Sydney to ensure that their homes are always clean and tidy. We offer uniquely tailored services that suit your needs and keep your home in top shape.

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      Why Choose Maid in Sydney?

      Not all housekeeping and cleaning services are the same. You need a service that is professional, experienced, and capable of delivering high-quality services tailored to your needs. At Maid in Sydney we understand the ins and outs of house cleaning and housekeeping.

      We provide you with tailored domestic support services for whatever housekeeping tasks you need help with. Here’s why you should look no further than Maid in Sydney:

      • Our housekeeping services vary from household to household, no two are the same. We can help clean and maintain entire households multiple days per week, or can help with a few specific tasks each week or fortnight.

        When you hire Maid in Sydney, you can pick and choose the specific services you need help with. We have set up our service to be as flexible and convenient as possible.

      • At Maid in Sydney, we take pride in our professional staff. Our staff are experienced, police checked and insured. This means that you can be confident in our team whenever we visit your home.

      • To receive quality house cleaning services Sydney residents can rely on, you need an experienced cleaning company by your side. Experience means that we have worked with many different customers who have similar needs to yours. Because no two customers are the same, we work with each client to create a customised and useful housekeeping plan and provide the right maid for the job.

      • We believe that you don’t have to spend a fortune just to keep your home clean and tidy. If you have a busy and time-consuming schedule, our competitive pricing allows you to enjoy a clean home at an affordable cost.

      Here at Maid in Sydney, we’re proud of what we do, and we want to give you the best service possible. We’re sure you lead a busy life and would prefer to not have to worry about cleaning and maintaining your home every week.

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      Maid in Sydney made the whole process perfectly simple, and every time we came home the house looked amazing. Had no issues leaving our maid alone in the house, and caring for our dog too. Would highly recommend!
      Jenny Smith
      I have tried others in the past but they came with disappointments. Maid In Sydney, thank you for your friendly staff and reliability. You serviced my house in Parramatta, and it was AAA for service. Easy going, quick and simple, Highly recommended.
      C. Huynh Family
      Affordable, reliable and very friendly. Thanks so much for your hard work, and a hassle-free experience from start to finish. So many jobs around the house were taken care of, and it looks great every time you’re done. Thanks!
      Mendes Family

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