Laundry Services

Laundry is one of those chores that people love to hate. Not only is it time-consuming, it also requires attention to detail so you don’t damage your precious clothing.

At Maid in Sydney, our professional and experienced maids provide exceptional

laundry services

as part of our general housekeeping help.

What to expect from our laundry service

When we handle your laundry, we do more than just washing and drying. We assign a maid to your home to take care of laundry duties according to your specific instructions.

You can decide which clothes you wish to be washed, how often, and determine a timeframe. In this way, you won’t run out of work clothes or have the children looking for their uniforms right before school. If you’d like help with ironing and general tidying we can help there too!

Laundry for kids and adults

If you’re thinking ‘I need a laundry near me for myself, my partner and my kids’, our maids specialise in handling laundry for all ages. We know the care that is required when washing your delicate work shirts, as well as the attention to detail necessary for kids’ clothing.

We separate whites from other clothing that may shed colour and cause stains. Did you spill coffee on your favourite white dress? We can also remove stubborn stains from your whites and other clothes in your wardrobe.

Handling heavily soiled clothing

If your clothes need extra cleaning, our professional maids can help. We can restore heavily soiled clothes into a condition that’s as good as new. Did the kids spend a whole day playing in the mud? Don’t worry about handling the laundry; Maid in Sydney is here to help.

Why choose us?

If you’re looking for a laundry service near you, you’ve found the best one available. With our laundry service, you get the following perks:

– Fully customised service
– Professional maids who are open to taking specific instructions
– Competitive pricing
– Flexible service times (including weekends)

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I would like to provide a Testimonial for your company and the service you provide. I have only been using your services for a few months and I am delighted with the level of customer service your team provide. Fiona has been amazing and the staff whom have completed the housekeeping service (Maria) was also very professional and passionate to make a real difference to my incredibly busy schedule trying to balance work, travel, kids, and the house. Thank you Maid In Sydney you live up to your promise of providing the best.
Kim Pearce
Affordable, reliable and very friendly. Thanks so much for your hard work, and a hassle-free experience from start to finish. So many jobs around the house were taken care of, and it looks great every time you’re done. Thanks!
Mendes Family
It was such a pleasure coming home after you had been, to such a fresh, clean house. It was much appreciated that you would perform any job i had left on my list each fortnight.
The Fullers

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