Household duties can be a real chore (literally!) but they’re something that needs to get done.

Things are a whole lot easier if you let Maid in Sydney take care of all your housekeeping needs. Here are some of the

housekeeping services

we offer:

Making Beds – There’s nothing better than a well-made bed to come home to in the evening, but in the morning rush you might not have time to do so. We’ll be happy to prepare a bed that you’ll be glad to return to.

Cleaning Linen – Your perfectly-made bed is no good if you don’t have clean linens to match. We’ll take care of cleaning all your sheets, pillowcases and all other linens, to ensure that your bed is fresh and inviting for you.

Changing Towels – You don’t want to be cleaning yourself only to undo things with a dirty, used towel. Our dedicated maids are passionate about the important little touches around the house and will always ensure that your towels are perfectly fresh and crisp.

Ironing – Appearances are important, and you don’t want to give off a bad impression with creased clothing. Luckily, we’ll take care of all your ironing needs and have a selection of clothes ready for you and/or your family for the week ahead.

Laundry – We can take care of all of your laundry needs – just let your maid know what’s required and they’ll be glad to provide you with fresh and clean clothing, sheets, and anything else you require.

Light Meal Prep – We can even prepare small, light meals for you for the ultimate in convenience – although please note, we don’t generally do any cooking of meals.

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Affordable, reliable and very friendly. Thanks so much for your hard work, and a hassle-free experience from start to finish. So many jobs around the house were taken care of, and it looks great every time you’re done. Thanks!
Mendes Family
It was such a pleasure coming home after you had been, to such a fresh, clean house. It was much appreciated that you would perform any job i had left on my list each fortnight.
The Fullers
Maid in Sydney made the whole process perfectly simple, and every time we came home the house looked amazing. Had no issues leaving our maid alone in the house, and caring for our dog too. Would highly recommend!
Jenny Smith

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