Appliance Maintenance

We rely on our appliances to keep the home functional. Kitchen appliances come in handy for food preparation and storage, while electrical appliances are useful for keeping us entertained.

With proper appliance maintenance, you will incur much lower repair and replacement costs. Not just a reliable and professional cleaning service, Maid in Sydney offers appliance repairs and maintenance to keep your home functional at all times.

Benefits of repairing your appliances

With a proper appliance maintenance plan, you can ensure your items are working better for longer. Appliance repairs provide the following benefits:

Cost savings – Appliance repairs reduce the need to purchase a new appliance on a regular basis. This can allow you to save on costs by making the best out of what you already have.

Better performance – Our appliance repairs can also make your items perform better. For example, an oven that doesn’t heat up to the correct temperatures can be repaired for increased performance. The same applies to refrigerators, dishwashers, and other items in the home.

Additional services – In addition to repairs, we can also clean and polish your appliances. This will make them look as good as new, without having to dig deep into your pockets. With appliance cleaning, you end up with a cleaner home and better performing appliances. For even more value why not combine an appliance cleaning with a full kitchen clean? Or a space saving cupboard organisation?

What you can expect

When you carry out appliance repairs with Maid in Sydney, you can expect the following services:

• General appliance installation and repair
• Refinishing and cleaning of appliances
• Maintenance of dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, dryers, etc.

Our appliance maintenance service is one of the best in Sydney. We have qualified and experienced professionals who can regularly inspect your appliances for any issues (and carry out repairs in a timely fashion). Because our maids also offer high-end cleaning, you can receive both services at a competitive cost.

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I have tried others in the past but they came with disappointments. Maid In Sydney, thank you for your friendly staff and reliability. You serviced my house in Parramatta, and it was AAA for service. Easy going, quick and simple, Highly recommended.
C. Huynh Family
Maid in Sydney made the whole process perfectly simple, and every time we came home the house looked amazing. Had no issues leaving our maid alone in the house, and caring for our dog too. Would highly recommend!
Jenny Smith
I would like to provide a Testimonial for your company and the service you provide. I have only been using your services for a few months and I am delighted with the level of customer service your team provide. Fiona has been amazing and the staff whom have completed the housekeeping service (Maria) was also very professional and passionate to make a real difference to my incredibly busy schedule trying to balance work, travel, kids, and the house. Thank you Maid In Sydney you live up to your promise of providing the best.
Kim Pearce

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